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ABOUT CODIRO Technologies.

Engaging new businesses with creative IT & software

All software & IT majors benefit from our core solutions. We cater to the needs of diverse industries across verticals. We are a team the area of mainframe technologies. 


Our expertise in the field of IT and software is second to none

Provide a big opportunity for your startup business

Get the most commanding UI/UX rich software and Apps that benefit your business. We provide a whole new range of IT services to all.


Technically advanced in creation and design.


A thorough report on your business and Information Technology.


Available for all listed services when required.


Provide helpful advice when ethically important


Data protection with the highest level of Confidentiality and Privacy


Development of Websites, Web App and Mobile Apps according to demand.


Highly Proficient in providing services and products.


Follows all legalities and regulations with a strict standard.


We work with you in mind, making sure to evaluate everything justly

CODIRO Technologies strives to provide you with the best of these services

Point Of Sale

Codiro Point of Sale System (CPSS) provides all the necessary tools to control your business. Codiro Point of Sale System (CPSS) will reduce your workload and increase efficiency.

School Management Systems

Codiro School Management System (CSMS) offers you a Complete System, easy to use and effective at the same time. It offers wide range of features that make it stand out among other competitors in market.

Office Attendance System

Codiro Office Attendance System (COAS) offers you a Complete System, easy to use and effective at the same time. It offers wide range of features that make it stand out among other competitors in market.



The exciting part of what we do is delivering creative strategies, tactics and approaches

that help our clients grow their business. Take a look at our services below:

Creative Designing

Our Graphic design Services do not only end at that, we make sure to check and analyse different types of websites relating to different communities and industries to educate ourselves on what works best in different situations.

Web Development

Our web development services put your best foot forward for your clients through your website so that you don’t have to fret on explaining to your clients the difficult processes explained on your website. Our web design services are provided with the knowledge…

Business Software Development

We not only provide you with website and app on a whim, we do our research to help us work your idea into the best website or app that works with the type of business you may want. Not only that, we provide you a Management System to keep a track of all 

Mobile Application Development

We don’t only know how to create a Mobile Application, any fresh graduate from an IT course can provide you with Mobile app Development, and However, we provide you with apps built from research and in depth knowledge. Our Mobile app development services

Digital Marketing

CODIRO industries understands that unlike popular belief, digital marketing is one of the main sources of advertisement as well as cataloguing. Our team are highly qualified, not only for the making and creation of a design, but also for consultation of ideas that 


Search Engine Optimization Services or SEO Services are provided to your so that your company can rise from the millions of websites and blog posts on Google and come on the first page of results searched with a keyword. These keywords can be 

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